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This page contains material primarily for Qualification Examiners (QEs), but much of this may be helpful to Mentors and Boat Crew Qualification Program trainees. Most of this material represents documents circulated to QEs (and others), or training session presentations/summaries.

Click here for a special F.A.Q. on Qualification Examiners.

Click here for a special F.A.Q. on Currency.

Click here for the map of QE and USCG Station locations.

General Items

Reporting QE Activity:

Dockside (initial qualification): report time as mission 07B, QE Dockside Checks.

Underway (initial qualification and currency): have the coxswain of the vessel you are aboard put your name on the CG5132 order manifest, but also have the coxswain include a line in the remarks section of the online 7030 to say to the IS officer: "Do not enter QE (your name here)". You need to be on the manifest, but not in the AUXDATA crew entry. Report time as mission 07C, QE Underway Checks. Report results of all candidates (positive or negative recommendations) to the Chief QE Coordinator via email or postal mail.

QE Job Aids (in addition to manuals on Downloads page)

Conference/Workshop/Meeting items (most recent at bottom)

2004 QE Workshop April 10, 2004 Devens, MA

2005 QE workshop March 19, 2005 Berlin, MA

October 2005 Southern DCP meeting New Bedford, MA

District Board and Staff presentations

2006 QE workshop January 7, 2006 Newport, RI

2007 QE workshop December 2, 2006 Berlin, MA

2008 QE workshop March 15, 2008 Berlin, MA

2009 QE workshop April 18, 2009 Wakefield, MA

Restricted Access Documents

Some information for QEs is considered operationally sensitive, or includes information protected by the Privacy Act of 1974.

The following documents require a pre-authorized login to access. If you access these documents, you are obligated to protect any copy you download from unauthorized disclosure and distribution (remember this includes protecting your PC from access by others, which means active  and current virus/peer-to-peer network/'bot'/rootkit protection). If in any doubt, do not access even if authorized. Each access is logged with traceability to the individual login (as well as IP address used).

There is no information stored here considered "For Official Use Only". See the Department of Homeland Security directive regarding "For Official Use Only" (FOUO): Management Directive MD11042.1.

This website is intended for USCG Auxiliary members in the First District, Northern Region.
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