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The link at the bottom of this page is for a PDF file that contains a very useful publication, the Coxswain Search and Rescue Guide from the USCG SAR school at Yorktown, VA. This edition of the guide was updated in January 2007. The file is 140kb in size.

This publication is an excellent field-reference guide to many topics in search and rescue, written specifically for the active duty coxswain. All the material is directly applicable to Auxiliary coxswains, though!

BUT...this PDF document is aimed at being printed, not read online. It is designed to be printed double-sided, then folded into a booklet and stapled along the binding edge.

When you print this document, you will either need to turn on your printer's print-both-sides feature (if available), or do something else to manually print both sides of each sheet (this might include printing a single-sided master from your computer, then using a photocopy machine to duplicate 2-sided). This is the warning that you may need to experiment or use your computer printer in ways you might never have done before!

Stapling will require a stapler that can reach 5.5" to reach the center binding. Most home and office staplers are not long enough to do this; another caveat in advance!

With all that behind us, here is the Coxswain Search and Rescue Guide:

SAR Guide from Yorktown SAR School

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