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Many ask where to get the little white circular-slide-rule type of search pattern plotting guide.

Weems and Plath is one commercial source. Look for their "Course and Leg Identifier".

From their catalog for item #113:
"Also known as the Search Pattern Slide Rule or Coast Guard Plotter, this tool is a “must have” for active duty Coast Guard, Auxiliarists, or anyone else who might have to run a search pattern. The Course & Leg Identifier quickly calculates the heading and run time for each leg of either an expanding square pattern or sector pattern search, giving you more time to focus on the search. Dims: 6"x 9". Wt. 3oz."

It is also included in what they call their "Coast Guard Kit" of 5 navigation tools, item #100.

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Your local USCG Small Boat Station may be able to order the USCG version of the plotting guide.

The USCG version of the plotter is marked "Dept of Transportation, USCG-Plotter (6-79), SN 7530-01-G F 2-9010".

Your station can find it in the Coast Guard Catalog of Forms as item CG-5259, stock number 753001GF29010.

 The Coast Guard Catalog of forms is COMDTINST M5213.6E.

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