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There are many hyperlinks scattered through this website. The intent is to put the links where the content means the most.

However, this still leaves many valuable reference locations without a place to list their hyperlinks. This page fills the gap for items that "just didn't make sense" anywhere else.

A few really important stepping-off places are repeated here as well.

Major Auxiliary-based Reference Links

Major USCG-based Reference Links

Unofficial USCG Reference Links


  • The Responder (Response-Dept: current and past issues; formerly Up Top in Operations)


Formal Messages

Pre-Set AUXINFO reports (any member can use)

DIRAUX Postal Addresses

Boston (District Headquarters):

Director of Auxiliary, Northern Region
Commander (dpa NR)

USCG First District
408 Atlantic Avenue
Boston, MA 02110-3350

Cape Cod:

Auxiliary Support & Training Center - Northern Region
CGAS Building 5205
Otis ANGB, MA 02542-5006

Other Auxiliary District Material

(Disclaimer: Attention to detail in these other references, such as using current COMDTINST references, may not always be present. Users in D1NR are cautioned to validate any training material against current references and any D1NR policy. That aside, thank you to others for posting their own training tools for the benefit of Auxiliarists.)


This website is intended for USCG Auxiliary members in the First District, Northern Region.
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